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blog marketing Do you ever find yourself exhausted trying new blog marketing strategies to drive traffic to your blog?
It’s hard enough to keep cranking out useful content for your own blog, but then you have to come up with more unique ideas and articles to pitch to other blogs when guest posting.

And even when I do offer up a post to another blogger, there’s no guarantee that it will get accepted. (Although I do try to pitch a concept to another blogger before I write the post. If they accept, then I write the post. This also forces me to let it go!)

Guest posting is a tried and true way of driving blog traffic and getting those much needed backlinks to your blog, but fortunately it’s not the only way. Sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy to write a guest post. But you don’t have to let your blog marketing efforts stagnate as a result.

Here are some additional ideas beyond the guest post for blog marketing to your site:

1. Write a tribute blog post

This is a blog post where you mention several other top bloggers in your niche, perhaps quoting from their blogs or linking to a particular blog post. Or you could pick a particular topic and find bloggers who write about that topic well. For example, you could write a post called Perspectives on Self-Esteem from Ten Top Bloggers.Then you might get quotes from each of the bloggers. Of course, you ask them to link to your post and share among their followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

2. Create your own award

You’ve seen the award banners proudly displayed on bloggers’ sidebars — “Top 50 Personal Development Blog;” “Beautiful Blog Award;” “Best Blogging Income Site;” etc.

These awards aren’t issued from some international blogging organization. Other bloggers come up with the idea, create a contest, ask for feedback, and announce the awards. They also create winning banners for the bloggers that serve two purposes: they stroke the blogger’s ego and provide social proof for readers. Oh — and they link back to the contest creator’s blog!

This idea drives blog traffic over time. You have readers coming in to nominate winners, people making comments, potential winners visiting and asking their readers to visit, and then the winning blogs linking back to your blog. These types of posts tend to rank well in the search engines as well.

3. Free Google Adwords Ads

Of course, you know about using Facebook and other social media to direct traffic to your blog, but you might also consider trying Google Adwords as a way to build your subscriber list. If you have a free opt-in product, create a Google Adwords account using your gmail address and set up an  ad promoting the free product and drive traffic to the landing page. The current Adwords promotion will give you $75 in free ads when you spend $25 (this changes frequently).  And you can completely control how much you spend daily by setting a budget. This is a great way to not only attract subscribers but to run some tests.

Test different photos, blog titles, and copy on your landing page and see which ads perform the best at driving blog traffic and converting subscribers. You’ll want to create 2-3 ads to start and have Google automatically rotate them so you can also test which ads perform the best.

Here’s some additional information on creating pay-per-click campaigns using Google Adwords.

4. Ad exchange

An ad exchange or ad swap is a great method for getting new subscribers. You can ask other bloggers in your niche to mail to their list information and a link to your free opt-in offer. Then you do the same for them. That way, you will both get brand new subscribers visiting your blog.

You can also exchange small banner ads offering your free product and place them on each other’s blogs.

For reaching out to larger bloggers who might not want to make an exchange, simple give them the direct link to another free product to give as a gift to their list (no opt-in required).  But be sure to brand this giveaway product with a link to your opt-in product.

5. eBook Document Sharing

Grab a collection of some of your favorite posts from your blog. Create a title for this compilation, a table of contents, and a page at the end promoting your free opt-in product with a link to the landing page.

Then convert this compilation into a PDF. Easily do this on your Mac computer by pressing the command key and select “save as PDF”. If you don’t own a Mac you also do this for free in your browser window by visiting or You then submit your newly created eBook to these leading digital libraries:

If you already have paid eBooks, you can submit them to

6. Targeted Video Marketing

There’s an entire universe of potential new subscribers on YouTube and Vimeo just waiting for you! Create your own YouTube Channel and start making brief videos using re-purposed blog posts — or create new content if you wish. Just be sure you offer your free opt-in product with a link to your blog.

One video marketing mistake that is often made when uploading video to YouTube is they forget to place a text link pointing back to their website in the  video description area on YouTube. You should enter the link first so people see the link and can easily click to your site. Be sure to use the “http://” with the domain you place there.

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7. Ask for it

Sometimes the most obvious tactics are the most often overlooked. Are you asking your new readers to subscribe to your blog?

At the end of your post, give readers a call to action. Ask them if they would consider subscribing, and let them know you will reward them with a great free product. People who read to the end of a post are likely people interested in what you have to say. So strike while the iron is hot.

We’ve also tested a WordPress plugin called PopUp Domination and seen our subscriber opt-ins really soar.

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  1. Molly August 31, 2013 at 7:12 pm #

    Thank you so much for these great ideas. You are right, writing/submitting guest posts can be exhausting. I am so happy to have some new techniques to try. I’m loving Bold Blogging Income.

    • Barrie Davenport September 1, 2013 at 1:44 pm #

      Hey Molly! Thanks so much for sharing. So glad you liked the post. Please come back for more great stuff. Do you have any specific blogging problems you would like for us to address in upcoming posts?

      • Molly September 1, 2013 at 2:03 pm #

        Nothing specific; everything this blog is about seems to be what I need! :) Thank you.

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